Friday, February 3, 2012


After finding my niche area in inking, dear was nice and gracious enough to give me last Sunday afternoon to create backgrounds.

And I simply adore this background created.

This time I didn't use anymore of the old resist method. I tried to rub inks, a mixture of blue, yellow and green tones. After that, I used scattered straw to rub at the edges where 2 different colour inks meet. I thought scattered straw work excellently as a blender. Then I used a brick mask and spray highly diluted vinegar. I didn't want to use water as it's too not obvious. Neither did I want to use acid, as it would make the paper turn too acidic and brown. So a good balance was to use very diluted acid and I thought it turn out very well.

For the layout, I tried recycling the concept of Sharon's Learn layout. I'm never good at layering and could not a full layout like Jaz or Sharon. So copying their ideas is the best idea. :)

I also want to take this opportunity to introduce my latest love paper, kaiser craft. Their recent papers are really pretty and even the labels are so pretty that you can even cut them and use them instead of wasting them.

Materials Used: White cardstock, Kasier craft Bonjour pattern papers and stickers, Prima flowers, pebbles and brick mask, Tim Holtz tissue paper and philosophy tags, Donna Downey Unity Stamps.


  1. Harlow!! So glad I found your blog. :) Thanks for being a lovely scrapbuddy! I nominated you for an award: