Friday, January 11, 2013

October Afternoon – Happy Days

Hiya, I’m back! Decided to snap out of my long months of emo-ness and start the posts coming again

Yes, to maintain sanity, I’m hooked onto Pin-Interest. I will be selecting random colours and sketches to challenge myself each week. And every month, I will complete an altered art. (Let’s see how long this last. Hahahaha)

And’s what’s better than to start the Year post rolling by posting a random layout I did ages ago while waiting for classes to start.

I guess the photo did the most in this layout.

I tried to play with paints and let them drip. I’m in love with the painting dripping effect. And what’s best to sprinkle some antique flakes while waiting for the paint to dry. Though I kinda of regretted that after a while.

Technique: If you alphas aren’t big enough why not mat them on a cardstock and cut it to the size you want? Best of all, I could ink it and make it into the brown dirty look.  I like the title “Happy Days”.

Technique: Mixing stickers with punches. Sticker butterfly to top off with puncher butterfly, gives you more dimensional butterflies at a cheaper cost.  

Hope you like the layout.

Wishing you many Happy Days ahead in 2013!