Sunday, August 28, 2011

Graphic 45 Inspiration

Had a wonderful scrapbooking class using the G45 papers. Not much techniques required for the class. One new thing I learnt, perhaps is bending the metal flowers.( which unfortunately also meant that I bought more such embellishments again~)

The key cabinet class that was offered free by Laines. So nice of them.(BTW: if anyone would like the cabinet, I can give it away for free. As I have no place in my tiny house to house it) 

The metal flowers from G45, which look so ordinary in the pack. However, coupled with the pliers and brads and some muscle power, they can turned quite alive and vintage. 

Once upon a Spring time shadow box class. This was a super fast class. Hence, you would realise that the shadow box is not in the picture, as its still undone. Like the papers and perhaps would try to see if I can add some creativity to the whole project next week.

Anyway, inspiration for the blog comes from the fact that I think I had successfully passed the interview to be a part time teacher for scrapbooking at paper market. Yeah! So since all the designers have their own scrapbooking blog, I should try to start mine as well. To share techniques, designs etc. And probably be disciplined enough to have something creative every week! And to my family pleasure, to pack up after every scrapping session.

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