Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Canvas Painting Part 2

I haven't been slacking around this holiday though there hasn't been much updates. I'm still actively involved in the arty hobby. As part of my wedding anniversary celebration, I went back to Arteastiq for another round of canvas painting.
This time round, they had the free upgrade to a larger piece of canvas. I decided to challenged myself to something more textured.

I didn't have time and resources to complete the textured portion.

The textured trees was achieved by using extra body acrylic paint which I bought from Art Friend. I like the way it turned out, though its still a long way from the original piece of art.

We wanted to bring Chloe to try the following week where they had the one for one promotion. However, it was fully booked. Hence, to keep to our promise, we decided to paint at home!

This is her first art work, completed after 3 nights of painting.

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