Sunday, April 22, 2012

Holiday's Fun

Yes! As the title suggests, Holiday's Fun!! I loved holidays, without work and errmm at times, without the little noisy one.
During the March holidays, I was glad that Joyce suggested bringing the kids out to the beach since their childcare was closed. Had a good time taking photos and trying out my new lenses.

This is another webster style layout, from the redeemed papers from papermarket.

Tried to utilize some new items I've recently found and love! And of course, the huge amount of "treasure" I have in my big cupboard. Trying my best to make space for the new items that are coming in.

New love: The beige mesh thing that sticks behind the photo.

Old Treasure: Prima birdcage canvas I've bought for donkey years.

Old Treasure: My huge collection of different pattern Tim Holtz tissue tape. By the way, I really liked this quote and loved how the way it turned out on the pattern paper. I've used versafine smokey grey to obtain this water washed effect.

Ancient Treasure: Transparencies from donkey donkey years ago. I think I've got them when I just started scrapping?

Do look through your huge stash today (if you have one), you will be surprised with what you can find and matched!

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