Friday, June 1, 2012

Chloe’s Second Layout

Chloe’s very good at giving orders nowadays, or perhaps rather, excuses for her to dabble into scrapbooking. 

The little one first wanted me to scrap a card for her teacher who’s leaving. Then she decided to push her luck further by wanting to scrap a layout instead of a card. And honestly, I think she finds more joy in scrapping the layout than the original intention of scrapping as a keepsake for her teacher.

Anyways, we did this layout last weekend. We didn’t really spend too much time on it. I took the easy way out by using papers from the same brand. So I had little trouble mixing and matching them.
Most of the layers are created using the congregated board. They are really good and cheap to create the pop up effect.

Chloe helped in the painting of the stencil of letters in the background with acrylic paint and the stamping of the words along the edge of the pattern paper. 

She was good with the tape glue and could follow most of the instructions to where each item should be placed.  She also played an active role in popping up most of the embellishments.

All in all, the scrapbooking activity with the noisy one didn’t turned out too bad. I do look forward to the next one. Hopefully soon. J

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