Sunday, March 4, 2012

Graphic 45 Unique Sweet Secrets

First, I need to thank Sharon for linking my blog to hers. I'm so touched. She's such a nice and powerful shifu. And I'm really happy that she's one of the top 30 finalists in the G45 call for DT. Hopes she gets in and I could hardly wait to copy see her fantastic projects. She's such a good scrapper and can easily create brilliantly beautiful things out of nothing. How I wish one day I can be like her.

Just like shifu, I love vintage stuff. Hence, I have been keeping the new curiosity paper till I have something better and more concrete in mind. I thought I had it today. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out to be what I expected. Probably next time it would be better.

Though, there are still a couple of new things that I tried to play with in this layout. I've glossed the butterflies and use a penknife to carefully lift their wings off the paper, creating more volume to the layout.

Tried using the wooden spools to wind the ribbons. Had fun dabbing the metal flowers with alcohol inks. And I love Graphic 45 packaging tags. They are so good to use as backgrounds.

I wanted to create a little shop that sells vintage and random stuff at the corner of my layout. But it didn't turned out too well. Hence, these vintage random stuff are clustered at this corner rather than "the shop".

Also tried my hand at Prima's resist canvas. It didn't turned out to be what I originally wanted. I wanted it brown with a tinge of gold, and some green (signifying moss) at the edges. Unfortunately, the brown was too empowering. I should have watered it down more.

But I love the new Graphic 45 pegs. They are so lovely. I was desperately trying to find a space to fit this in. I guess this is the only place that would fit.

This is also the first time, I tried creating a "secret pocket" for journaling.

Materials Used: Graphic 45 Curiosity pattern paper, Metal flowers, trims, pegs, envelopes, Prima resist canvas, Tim Holtz brads, tags, glass bottles.

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