Friday, March 30, 2012

Tim Holtz Chemistry 101 Day 4

The lessons are getting more and more exciting.

The first tag was supposed to colour the vintage Tim Holtz stamps using the re-inkers with the fabulous water colour brushes, which Simon Says is still happily (and slowly) shipping them to me. So being left with no choice, I coloured using my distress ink pads on craft sheet instead! Thought I did a wonder job in getting the inks. Though, I know Freddy would definitely yell at me for those hard lines at the background and all around.

Tag 2, was supposed to use re-inkers in misters to obtained the misted look. Well, I didn't have the re-inkers then, and definitely I also do not have the space to purchase more than 1 mister. So I substituted the whole process with my glimmer mist instead. And I thought it didn't turned out too bad either.

My Tag 3's a disaster. I desperately needed the four butterflies in a portrait stamp before I can perfect this technique. It's a very cool technique using the cut and dry felt and the re-inkers. You can actually get to custom make your own ink pad using the cut and dry felt! However, I had a bad stamp. Will work on it and produced something better the next round!

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