Friday, March 30, 2012

Tim Holtz Chemistry 101 Day 5

I like Day 5 best so far! As I have almost all the materials required for Day 5.

Day 5 is very much like Day 2, with very similar techniques with a little twist.

Tag 1, uses the ink blending technique on a craft resist cardstock.

Tag 2, uses the stains.

Tag 3, uses stains to create the marble effect. The key to tag 2 and 3 is the lovely
chemistry behind the distress stain, picket fence. It's a lovely stain with unique
properties. Another secret in this tag, I hand drawn the branch the bird is sitting on, as I didn't have any
stamps with bird and branch.


  1. wah.....Grace!!! So jealous!!! You must teach us!!!

    1. Hahaha, sure Sharon, my pleasure! And congrats to you for making into G45 DT. Me then jealous. Haha. :P