Saturday, March 10, 2012

Laines, where It all Begins...

My first interaction with scrapbooking is when I got Karen to do some souvenirs for the guests attending Chloe's first birthday party. I wanted something unique and memorable. Karen being a very good scrapper, did fantastic souvenirs that was exactly what I wanted.

Subsequently, after admiring the souvenir Karen did for a long time, I decided to signed up for SDU@ Laines. Didn't know why I choose Laines over the other store. It was just coincidental. Since it was the June holidays when I started SDU, I had all time in the month to scrap and buy stuff. Throughout that month, I was practically at Laines even before their shutters was raised.

I love the smell of Laines, the smell of borders, the smell of wheelock. The moving out of Borders was sad enough. And now Laines. Sigh~

Decided to remember Laines and my beginnings in this blog entry by posting my first layout. (Pretty horrible now that I look at it.)

I really love the warmth and helpfulness of all the people who works/worked @ Laines. I really love the family feel, which I guess it's why when I'm feeling down, that's the first place I go to.  

I end off this post with my second humble beginning @SDU with a 2 page layout.

I remember how impressed I was when Sharon showed me how to distress and introduced my first love, glossy accent.

Wheelock will never be the same without Laines. But I believe, the family feel of Laines will be the same if not better at the new home.

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